Creating a safe environment for talents/clients and set, is always my number one priority.

    I am committed to:

    Standard Hygiene Practices:

    - Taking time to clean and disinfect all surfaces on-location or in studio, at the beginning, between applications, and at the end.

    - Disinfecting all bags on the inside and outside as well as all cases, handles and wheels. Sanitizing all products and kit surfaces with %70 isopropyl alcohol after every use.

    - Separating all makeup products for each talent. Every talent will have a personal, separate, labeled bag.

    - Carrying disinfectant for immersion tools (hairbrushes, combs) that is mixed daily.

    - Wash hands in between each application. Use hand sanitizer between each touch up.

    - Only using new, clean brushes that have been washed with disinfectant soap on every client.

    - Keeping all tools and applicators covered while not in use.

    - Properly applying eyeliner and lipliner by sanitizing and disinfecting before and after each use.

    - Never double-dipping brushes or applicators into beauty products that cannot be sanitized or disinfected.

    - Never applying directly from the original packaging (mascara, lip gloss, or lipstick), unless gifting the product afterward. Use new, disposable mascara wands for each application.

    - Always scraping, scooping, and dipping products onto a clean paper or metal palette.

    - Ensure all used/soiled products are stored in close, dry-labeled storage to avoid cross-contamination.

    - Disinfecting all tools, tweezers, brushes, lash curlers, pencil sharpeners, and wiping down all products.

    - Always having disinfectant wipes close by, as well as disposable towels.

    New Hygiene Practices in Response to COVID-19:

    - Wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during application and touch ups, including a face shield and face mask.

    -Extra time will be requested for processing multiple talent to ensure proper cleaning of surfaces and station between processing.

    - No food, drink, or talent’s personal belongings should be brought to or set on the workstation.

    - Limiting conversations between artists and talent during services to avoid unnecessary respiratory droplets. 

    - A minimum 6 feet of distance should be maintained between workstations, and no one should come within 6 feet of a workstation without permission from the artist.